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Case Studies

This lovely reflective essay was written by one of our Australian students - Sam Williamson - and it was sent to us from Queensland by Anya Perkins (Nature Play QLD/FSLI). FSLI Director Chris Dee has described this essay as "brilliant" and she also remarked that she was "very proud" when she read it for the first time. The task was to - 'Write a reflective essay of no more than 1000 words which summarises your personal development and learning during the Forest School training and identify how this has informed your future practice'. This is the result...

FSLI Director, Chris Dee has described this final essay by Patric from Bromley Beacon Academy as a "fab reflection". The task was to 'Summarise own personal development and learning during the Forest School training process and explain how this may inform own wider practice'. Here is the result, in Patric's own words...

This lovely final essay was submitted by Jo-Anne Dell. We're sure you will agree that her passion and love for Forest School really shines through.

This reflective essay was written by one of our Queensland, June 2017 students, Katrina McKay. The task was to write a reflective essay which summaries personal development and learning during Forest School Training and identify how this has informed future planning. FSLI Director, Chris Dee described the essay as "lovely", and referring to Katrina, she also commented "I love her journey".

Nicki Farrell was one of our June 2017 students in Australia, she is a Director at Wildlings Forest School and this is her final reflection on the Level 3 Forest School Leader Training (hosted by Nature Play QLD in partnership with FSLI). Nikki set out to "try and attack it from a different perspective" and FSLI Director, Chris Dee has described it as "an amazing essay". We hope you enjoy it...

This case study was given to FSLI Director, Chris Dee earlier this week and provides three great examples of how a child can progress through Forest School...

Child A

Over the first few sessions, this child behaved much like they did in the classroom. They chose an activity to complete and wanted very much to complete these activities alone. They would never speak up in sessions and would use her friend to ask questions on her behalf. 

Samantha Clement writes about her Forest School journey...

The role of the Forest School leader to promote learning and development is to enable the learners to be able to fully access the outdoor learning by supporting and facilitating their learning. That’s the official line but I’m going to explain my journey as a more personal one. 

Forest School has helped to broaden my own knowledge which has led to a deeper understanding of the importance of issues such as sustainability and preservation; also the need to manage and involve learners in the management of the site and the importance of creating an action plan to see that this is implemented and carried out.  This has affected not only how I work during Forest School but it has also helped me to reflect and create action plans for the whole learning evironment both inside and outside.

When I was asked to go on the foest school leader training my first thought was to run for the hills - I really didn't want to do it but ended up on the course regardless!!

I just wanted to say a huge thank you to you and your staff for a brilliant Forest School course.  I really enjoyed both the skills days and the initial 5 day course.