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FSLI team looking forward to next Australian trip in 2018

Posted by FSLI on November 2, 2017

Fresh from their latest successful Aussie adventure the FSLI team are already looking ahead to the summer of 2018, when they will once again return to Queensland for another round of Forest School Leader Training, Level 3.

As ever, we will be teaming up with Nature Play QLD and planning for this trip has already started. Further news will be announced in the news section of the website in due course, under the banner of 'FSLI in Australia'.

We will also continue to share updates and photos across all of our social media channels and we will be using the hashtag #FSLIdownunder so that our posts are easy to find.

23116642_1110440245759359_4031077174741155338_o.jpgThis photo from the latest trip features Chris, Tracy and Anya meeting Norm, an indigenous elder, who spent some time with the trio educating them about the history and culture of North Stradbroke Island (aka Straddie).

To find out more about Nature Play QLD click here.

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