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FSLI team plan return to Australia in 2018

Posted by FSLI on November 2, 2017

Following the latest successful trip to Australia plans are already under way for a return visit during June/July 2018. FSLI Director, Chris Dee and Forest School Leader, Tracy Betley returned to the UK on Saturday (28th October), and Chris described the trip and training as 'awesome'.

The training was delivered in partnership with Nature Play QLD and was attended by 29 students, many of whom had made long journeys from all over Australia to take part. 

They were a very creative and fun group and took part in role play, practised whittling and knots & lashings, painted with mud, weaved with grasses and created some self supporting structures. They also had a visit from a yellow-faced whip snake (which is venomous) although everyone wisely kept their distance until he slithered away from the site!

The duo had an additional companion for the journey home as the children at Twin Towns Community Kindergarten had presented Kiki Koala with a new friend called Cooley Koala during the first week of the trip! Kiki was delighted and Cooley has returned to the UK to meet the rest of the FSLI team!

Chris was also delighted and was keen to thank everyone who had contributed to another amazing Aussie adventure, she said; "Well what an amazing trip we have had, so many adventures, sites seen, people visited and the most awesome course, 29 outstanding students, enthusiastic, fun, great friends made and very high quality work. We lived it, well done and thank you. Chris and Tracy".

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